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The term ‘analogue servo’ generally refers to drives (or amplifiers) that operate using an ‘analogue’ control circuit. Analogue servo drives are available for brushed and brushless servo motors. The control input is typically the traditional +/- 10V signal (for speed or torque) or a PWM interface.

Analogue drives still have a number of advantages over ‘digital’ servo drives such as very smooth low speed operation, in conjunction with permanent magnet DC motors and fast response time to the demand signal (no A to D conversion time).

Analogue drives are still widely used on medical and metrology equipment, particularly in low-voltage applications.

We offer:

  • Rack mounted, Eurocard drives
  • Compact, panel mount drives
  • Low voltage drives
  • Drive modules up to 180V DC, 50 Amps continuous

Analogue Servo Drives