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Brushless, also referred to as AC, servo motors rely on electronic commutation for closed loop control of the motor rotation. Permanent magnets on the rotor and a fixed armature eliminate the problems of connecting current to the moving armature, as is the case in brushed motors.

The design offers substantial benefits in terms of reliability, dynamic performance, torque density and cooling capability. The “brushless” motor also offers reduced maintenance, lower noise levels and longer operating life.

To meet the demands of servo applications at both ends of the performance spectrum, we offer a range of motors from standard, high volume designs, through to customised motors tailored to your requirements.


  • standard and custom windings for low-voltage (DC and battery), single-phase and three-phase drives 
  • feedback devices such as resolver, incremental and absolute encoders, HiperFace and EnDAT, BISS and SSI, as well as encoders with hall tracks
  • inertia discs for matching of motor inertia to load inertia  
  • holding brakes, keyways and temperature sensors
  • vacuum, washdown and ATEX suitability
  • cooling options including fan and water
  • special flange and shaft options

Brushless Motors