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As the name suggests Human-Machine Interfaces (or HMI for short) provide a link between the operator and the machine or equipment. HMIs can be vendor specific, but also open to a wide range of control devices, PLCs, motion controllers, etc. 

Often, they are static device such as a touch-screen panel or monitor with separate keyboard, handwheel, trackball.

Cabled solutions maybe fitted on larger machines, where the user needs access to control functions for product change over, set-up, commissioning, calibration, etc.

A recent development are wireless HMIs, which take the convenience of these panel even further. 

Our range of HMIs include:

  • The TRIO UniPLAY panels with 7′ and 10′ screen sizes, ideally suited to the TRIO range of motion coordinators
  • TRIO’s RPS hardware pendent for robotic applications with the TRIO motion coordinators
  • KEBA’s KeTop range of cabled 7′ and 10′ HMI touchscreen panels
  • KEBA’s KeTop range of wireless 10′ HMI touchscreen panels

Static, cabled and wireless HMIs: