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As an independent company, we are not tied to any one manufacturer. When designing a drive or control system, we have access to components from different suppliers to offer the best solution for your application.

This also enables us to provide cost effective options to suit your exact needs.

We design systems based on our extensive knowledge of a wide range of products and technologies, and can supply product combinations that not all manufacturers will have available.


Motion controllers

provide the platform to manage complex motions, synchronise axes, and inter-face between operator and machine, amongst other tasks. Our motion control platform of choice is UK manufacturer TRIO’s range of motion co-ordinators which suit a wide variety of applications. The range covers:

  • Stand alone motion controllers from one to 128 axes
  • EuroCARD format motion control cards for up to eight physical axes
  • Drive interface for traditional servo and stepper axes, as well as digital control loops over EtherCAT, CANopen and Sercos, amongst others
  • Factory communication over protocols such as CANopen, Modbus TCP or EtherNET-IP
  • Touch Screen Operator interfaces, I/O expansion modules and software tools
  • A range of software tools for robotic, CAD and ma-chine tool applications

Drive electronics

are the power unit in the drive or control system. They convert the demand signals from the controller and provide controlled power delivery to the electric motor, causing motion. We specialise in:

  • Single and multi-axis servo drive modules
  • Digital, direct-on-line servo drives
  • Servo drives for brushed permanent magnet DC servo motors
  • Analogue servo drives for brushless servo motors
  • Analogue and digital stepper motor drives
  • Low voltage drives for brushless and brushed motors
  • Drives with integrated motion tasks and PLC programming

Electric motors

are increasingly used to provide energy efficient motion in a wide range of applications. They may be classified by the source of electric power, by their internal construction, by their dynamic performance or by the type of motion they are required to provide. We specialise in the following types of motors:

  • Brushless AC and DC servo motors
  • Permanent magnet DC servo motors
  • Stepper motors
  • Linear and rotary direct drive motors
  • Motors with integrated drive electronics
  • Frameless motors and part sets
  • Brushless motors with hybrid, single cable, technology

Power transmission

components provide the link between the driving element, typically a motor, and the load. Our range of products, compatible with our motors, and those from many other manufacturers, includes:

  • General purpose and low backlash, in-line planetary gearboxes
  • Precision servo worm gearboxes and worm-wheel sets
  • Metal bellows and elastomer couplings
  • Safety couplings
  • Line-shafts and linear couplings
  • ATEX compliant gear-boxes and couplings

Mechanical actuators

offer solutions for both rotary and linear applications, dependant on the dynamic response, speed, precision and power required to move the load. The actuators can be externally driven or we also provide actuators with integrated motors and drive electronics. Our range includes:

  • Belt and ball-screw driven actuators
  • Rotary and linear positioning stages
  • Custom ball and roller-screw sets
  • Linear and rotary direct drive motors