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The new portable unit has been developed to provide a user friendly, cost effective, lab and possible pilot plant scale solution for high corrosive media delivery to the highest performance levels.

The P501-M08 portable unit comprises a separate user control box with integrated HMI and a remote connection to the motor driven pump housing.

This allows the user to place the pump to be inside a fume hood or other container. Via the large user friendly touch-screen panel the operator can input volumetric efficiencies, making it easy to calibrate the pump to any required flow ratio.

To facilitate further integration of the P501-M08 portable unit into lab and production cells, a PC option is available for the simultaneous control of up 5 units and the operator terminal can be specified with inputs for external temperature and pressure sensors.

High versatility at lab scale

Able to provide continuous delivery of a vast range of liquids and chemicals, the P501-MCB unit can operate at flow rates up to 108.6 ml/min and at pressures up to 98Bar, with near zero pulsation and reproducible accuracy of up to 99.9%. Temperature range from -30°C to +120°C (higher temperature possible on demand) and viscosity range from 1 up to 20,000 mPas.

High resistance to corrosion

The pump head is made from a solid block of Hastelloy C22, as are all the wetted parts with exclusion of the plunger seals and gaskets which are high performance Kalrez 6375. To further improve performance the plungers feature a highly durable DLC (diamond like carbon) coating.

Multi-language operator software

6 different languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean) are selectable by the operator, adding to the usability of the equipment. The addition of the EtherNET connectivity and a USB port provide the means to up and download data and settings to the pump controller.

Flow-rate range

Single head 0.905…108.6 ml/min

Double head 1.81…217.2 ml/min


Single phase 110…230Vac mains.


Control box, 265 x 250 x 289mm, weight 8.7kg

Pump housing, 430 x 196 x 191mm, weight 15kg