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The efficiency, noise level and service life of electric traction motors is heavily dependent on the signal quality of the sensors used. Our innovative rotor position encoder VarioCODER delivers highly accurate positions and speeds for ripple-free speed and torque control of the drives. 

The bearingless, maintenance-free hollow shaft system can be integrated into all engine designs in the smallest of spaces. The inductive measuring principle delivers high-precision signals even with large installation tolerances and in environments with stray magnetic fields. It is therefore clearly superior to the widely used resolvers and can reliably record speeds of up to 40,000 revolutions. In this way, drives with maximum torques can be controlled with high quality over the entire speed range.

Rapid prototyping

Your project has to be realized quickly and you can’t afford long development cycles? Thanks to the know-how of our engineers and with the help of rapid prototyping, we can supply you with rotor position sensors as samples that are tailored to your needs in a short time. This allows you to test our solution in advance on your engine test bench.