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Efficiency, noise and service life of electric traction motors depend considerably on the signal quality of the sensors used. Our innovative VarioCODER rotor position sensor provides high-precision positions and speeds for ripple-free drive speed and torque control.

The bearing-free, maintenance-free hollow shaft system can be integrated into all motor designs with minimum space requirements. The inductive sensing principle provides highly accurate signals even with large installation tolerances and in environments with stray magnetic fields. This makes it much superior to the very popular resolvers and it can reliably detect rotational speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. This allows drives with maximum torques to be controlled with high quality over the entire speed range.

Inductive rotor position sensor

  • Flexible: Can be integrated into all engine designs in the smallest of spaces with high assembly tolerances
  • Fast: Immediate angle output after switching on without reference run
  • Robust: High reliability against mechanical loads
  • Customized: functional models and prototypes available within four weeks
  • Cost-effective: price / performance like a mass-produced sensor
  • Energy-efficient: Higher control quality thanks to high-resolution signals

Typical fields of application:

  • Central Motor
  • In Wheel Motor
  • Twin Motor
  • Hydraulic Motor
  • Ship Propulsion Systems
  • Agricultural and Forestry Systems
VarioCODER Tech-Spec