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Industry is placing increasingly higher demands on accuracy, performance, reliability and use-ability of products and systems.
The rate of change means that we need the tools to enable us to develop, test, improve and upscale processes at a fast pace.
New methodology such as continuous flow processing and micro-reactor technology require equipment that gives controllable, dependable and re-producible performance.
This requires a new type of pump system…

Super metering pumps

Metering pumps are, in effect, high performance dosing pumps – precision instruments used to accurately transfer controlled volumes of liquids, at constant flow rates, with a wide range of discharge pressures, into a process or system.

Fuji Techno’s range of innovative Super Metering Pumps (SMPs) offer significantly improved performance, with astonishing pumping accuracy of ±0.1% or less, a factor of more than ten times better than most other continuous delivery pumps.

Not only that, but because of their unique design, they produce virtually no pulsations in the flow of liquid. No other pump is able to match the accuracy and performance of the SMP.

With flow rates from 0.13ml/min up to 235.6L/min we offer super metering pumps for laboratory, pilot plant and production applications


Portable Units

With flow rates from 0.13ml/min up to 217.2ml/min the Fuji-Techno portable units are ideal for laboratory and small pilot plant applications. The new P501-08 unit is a flexible research and development tool, benefitting from a Hastelloy pump head, Kalrez O-rings and DLC coated Hastelloy plungers.

The unit, with the size 08 plungers, is capable of delivering up to 108.6ml/min (217.2ml/min with double head) at pressures up to 98Bar.


Pump Drive Assemblies

Also available are our Pump Drive Assemblies (PDA), which provide additional flexibility for integration, whether it be to meet operational demands (such as ATEX or washdown), space restraints or added connectivity to host control systems or ancillary equipment.

The PDA comprises a HY series pump mounted on a base plate with the driving elements including a gearbox, servo motor and coupling.

The servo drive is typically supplied loose for integration into the local control panel, but decentralised options are available.


Pump Control Station

We offer our Pump Control Stations in a number of standard versions, to meet the demands of laboratory, test and production environments. Our PCS, typically, incorporates a touch-screen panel and the control electronics housed in a suitable enclosure. The PCS can operate stand-alone or be connected to a factory network or DCS.


Pump Options and Ancillary Components

A major decider in selecting the Fuji-Techno SM pumps is their adaptability to varying demands. In addition to a wide choice of wetted parts, the pumps are available with a number of options for heating, cooling, purging and cleaning.

As the pumps are able to meet requirements across a wide range of applications, we also offer a selection of proven ancillary components.



Some applications

• chemical and pharmaceutical processing

• urethane and other resins

• chromatography

• explosives and fuels

• food processing

• film

• spraying and coating applications

• cosmetics

• line mixing for liquids

• in-feed for extruders

• water treatment