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Motion controllers, PLCs, PC based control and intelligent drives all vie to be at the heart of the machine, each with pros and cons. They are suited to all manner of applications, but particularly where the “motion” is critical.

Motion control solutions are typically made up of the controller, an user interface for the operator or interface via a datalink such as serial comms or fieldbus, and IO of various types.

Motion controllers provide the platform to manage complex motions, such as positioning, sychronising or gearing, interpolating axes, precise speed or torque control.

We provide a range of motion control platforms to suit a wide variety of applications.

In brief the range covers:

  • Stand-alone motion controllers for 1 to 64 axis
  • Eurocard and PCI motion control cards
  • Serial interfaces RS232, RS485, Modbus and Ethernet
  • Servo drive link over EtherCAT 
  • Fieldbus communication via ProfiBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus, ProfiNET, etc.
  • Operator interfaces, I/O expansion and software tools
Motion Controllers