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Our series of the safe wireless products KeTop T150 (portrait version) and T155 (landscape version) combine user experiences

from the high-end smartphone world like connectivity and multitouch use, with safe machine operation.

With KeTop T15x secure solutions can be realised, without any restrictions.

Any (safety) control can be used due to discrete safety outputs. Even retrofit solutions can be accomplished.

A separation between data and safety signals provides stability.

Enjoy operation without interruptions, thus highly available safety functions thanks to their transmission via Bluetooth.

A densely used radio environment does not lead to any restrictions and guaranteed reaction times.

An optional effective range restriction prohibits operation in areas in which danger cannot be seen any more whilst the radio link still exists. 

It warns the operator or triggers an emergency stop if the defined threshold is exceeded. 


Thanks to Windows 10, multitouch and optional HMI-Software, any options for integration are feasible. 


  • Selectable safe working area
  • Extremely short reaction times
  • Controller independent
  • Free choice of application
  • Platform independent
  • Multitouch screen
  • Landscape and portrait version

Typical fields of application:

  • Operation and automation of machines and plants
  • Plant servicing and monitoring
  • Teach-in and programming of e.g. robots
  • Tests, maintenance work of e.g. robots