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Never before in mobile operation and teach-in has so much performance been packed into such a compact housing with such low weight and such an attractive price/performance ratio. Extensive customizing opportunities for visualization, keyboard and controls enable the most versatile applications.

The outstanding ergonomics of the KeTop T20 devices provide long, fatigue-free left- and right-hand operation. There are two versions available:

  • KeTop T20 eco
  • KeTop T20 techno

KeTop T20 eco

The lightest universal handheld operating device

The KeTop T20 eco features a tactile membrane keyboard with up to 36 keys, weighs less than half a kilogram and offers high performance for all applications of the price-sensitive mass-market.

Extensive customization options for visualization, keyboard and operating elements make possible a wide range of applications. For use on CNC machines and for robotics are specially optimized keyboard variants available.

KeTop T20 techno

Smart keypad

In addition to the low weight, the haptic, freely designable smart keypad is the highlight of the KeTop T20 techno. Located behind every single button is an LCD, allowing each button to be individually customized in appearance and function.

An unlimited number of individual keyboard layouts – independent of languages and symbols – is possible thanks to this innovative technology.

Customizing to batch size “1” can easily be implemented, conventional labeling strips are replaced.

With the KeTop T20 techno, there is also more display area available for the actual visualization since the operating fields that are often dynamically displayed on the edge of screens for button assignment can be depicted using the LCD keyboard.


  • Display size Size: 3.4“ (16:9)
  • Lightweight – KeTop T20 eco: 480 g
     – KeTop T20 techno: 520 g
  • Housing – LxWxH: 226 x (82-162) x 55 mm
  • Weight:
    KeTop T20 eco: 480 g
    KeTop T20 techno: 520 g