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MackTron2 is the upgrade of the previous version of servo-motor with integrated drive Mack Tron. Power supply 48Vdc, rated torque M1 0.6 Nm – peak torque 2.16 Nm. It’s distinguished by the simple and fast cabling, as well as high performances in small dimensions. MackTron2 is the ideal solution for applications with de-centralised architecture, significantly reducing the footprint inside the electric panel or even eliminating the panel itself. Ultra compact dimensions for installation in limited space, without affecting the machine design.


  • 8 Poles
  • B.E.M.F and waveform current
  • Very low torque fluctuation at low speeds
  • Serial Mack encoder, absolute single-turn or multi-turn
  • Automatic management of the electromagnetic holding brake
  • Bi-colour status and diagnostic LED
  • SpeederOne.2 software interface
  • RS485 for configuration, diagnostic and positioning
  • IP class protection IP54 and IP65
  • STO Safe Torque Off
  • SBC Safe Brake control
  • 3 digital inputs
  • Limit switches directly managed by MackTron2
  • Performances declared in the worst conditions: torque curves measured with motor thermally insulated (in air) at 40°C ambient temperature

Power Ratings