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A custom engineered solution to satisfy all demands for quick and simple cabling added to a first-in-class performance to size ratio.

The Mack-Tron motor with integrated drive is the ideal solution for decentralised application architectures.

The ultra compact format also makes it perfect for installation in limited space applications or where the small footprint allows for discreet out-of-sight integration for enhanced machine design and aesthetics.


  • 8 pole motors up to 400W
  • B.E.M.F. and current sine waveforms
  • Mack Serial Encoder, single or multiturn absolute
  • Bi-color LED status signals
  • SpeederOne.2 PC software interface
  • RS485 for setup and monitoring
  • Protection rating IP54 and IP65 on request
  • Automatic holding brake
    Electromagnetic holding brake
  • Special flanges and shafts
  • STO Safe Torque Off
  • 3 Digital inputs (programmable)

Hybrid Cables

  • All Powers – Safeties – Signals – rs485 in 1 cable 
  •  Mobile chain track usage, flame / oil resistant
  • External sheath in PUR polyurethane
  • Cycles: 5 million bend cycles
  • Minimum bending radius: 7 x cable Ø mm
  • Mounted with forward or reverse connector

Power Ratings