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Axor’s MiniSPEED ® is a comprehensive line of eurocard format servodrives for brushed DC servomotors.

Power supply from 63 to 200 VDC, with output current up to 25 An/50 Apk. Ideal for incremental motion control, velocity loops and positioning systems, which require fast response, precision and smooth control.

Powering them requires only a single VDC power supply which also applies to the multi-axis format, in combination with the “RKM” rack system for up to 11 axis, with internal power supply.

Four quadrant bi-directional eurocard servo-drives for controlling DC Servomotors up to 15 Nm.

Typical applications are: Robotics, X-Y Tables, Medical Equipment, Textile Equipment, Conveyors, Graphic Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Positioners, Converting Machinery, Feeders.

Standard Features

  • Eurocard format
  • Single DC power supply
  • Extremely high reliability (over 200 000 units produced)
  • Tacho-generator feedback
  • Armature feedback
  • Torque mode feedback
  • SMT technology
  • IGBT or POWER MOSFET bridge
  • Protected from: external short circuit motor polarity, over/under supply voltage, over temperature, absence
    or improper connection of speed feedback


  • Encoder feedback
  • PWM + Dir. feedback