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Axor’s Masterspeed Analogue Servo Drive is available from us here at Motor Technology. The Masterspeed drives are easily interchangable, replacing faulty or obsolete units.

The Masterspeed module turns Axor’s Minispeed Eurocard format (100x160mm | 8-12TE) drive, into a stand-alone servo drive unit. The Minispeed drive cards are available in three voltage ranges 60, 140 and 200V DC for motors up to 15Nm. Axor’s Masterspeed Analogue Servo Drive has been produced since 1990.

It has proven popular and reliable with more than 1,000,000 pieces sold worldwide! The drives are fully CE compliant. If you have a Masterspeed, or similar DC servo drive, and require spares, replacements or service, please contact us here at Motor Technology.
Perfectly interchangeable with similar Eurocard servo drives.


Analog servo drive, 44-145 Vac with built-in supply circuitry, for DC motors up to 15Nm.

  • Built-in braking circuit and resistors
  • Built-in cooling fan (if required)
  • 5 status LED
  • 5 trimmers for fine tuning
  • Interchangeable power module