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The MasterSPEED® servodrives come complete with their own power supply, regenerative circuit and detachable plug-in terminals for easy installation. The modular format makes them ideal for applications from 1 to 3 axes.

Power supply from 44 to 145 VAC, output current up to 25 Amps nominal and 50 Amps peak. If required, fan cooling is incorporated into each amplifier module. Feedback from tacho-generator, armature (IR compensation), current mode and encoder.

Above 3 axes it may be worth considering the MiniSPEED® drives with the “RKM” rack system up to 11 axis.

Standard Features

  • Driving motor range up to 15 Nm (2142.8 oz.-in.)
  • Internal power supply and dumping circuit
  • Built-in cooling fan when required
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Five LED (Red/Green) indicating operating status
  • Five calibration potentiometers
  • IGBT or POWER MOSFET bridge
  • Removable power module
  • Completely protected from:
    – over/under supply voltage
    – over temperature
    – external short circuit motor polarity
    – faulty or inverted tachometer
  • RD Differential reference control mode
  • T0 Tacho-generator feedback


  • A0 Armature Feedback
  • E0 Encoder Feedback
  • IO Demand current (torque mode)
  • PD PWM + Direct