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Axor’s CD 180 four quadrant servo-drive comes complete with its own power supply, regenerative circuit and internal fan cooling for a power range up to 50A continuous, 180Vdc.

Because of the internal generation of the auxiliary voltages, only a three phase transformer with one secondary is enough for their supply. Auto transformers are also allowed.

Usually the CD 180 servo-drive doesn’t require an external choke before the motor, thanks to its 5 KHz special frequency “cross-modulation”. Easy-to-use and extremely reliable, it is an ideal solution for retrofit applications.

Standard Features

  • Driving motor range up to 30 Nm (4285,6 oz-in.)
  • Internal power supply and dumping circuit
  • Built-in cooling fan when required
  • Power block transistor bridge
  • Power stage and optocoupled enable inputs
  • Dynamic braking for blackout conditions
  • Relay contacts for output signals
  • Removable personal config card
  • Completely protected from:- over / under supply voltage- over temperature- external short circuit motor polarity- max dynamic braking cycle- faulty or inverted tachometer


  • Synoptic: remote check status panel
  • Boosted dumping (with external resistors)
  • IO Demand current (torque mode)