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Capacitors - Resistors - Power Bridges

Power supply parts specifically for building self-made unregulated D.C. power supplies for most of Axor’s servodrives (Microspeed, Microspeed Plus, Micro B, Micro B Plus and Minispeed).

With power supply parts it’s possible and easy to obtain unregulated DC power supplies at really effective costs. An accetable solution for complementing Axor’s Servodrives that require DC-BUS power supplies, both single or multi-axis applications. The AC supply line can be single or three phase.

The regeneration energy (during motors braking) is stored back into the capacitors, increasing the voltage, for this reson the capacity dimensioning has to be made very carefully and in accordance with every specific Servodrive’s service manual.

NOTE: The RS resisitors are not designed as dump resistors, but only as discharge / protective capacitor after AC supply is switched off!