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Single & three-phase Transformers TM-TT

Axor’s single and three-phase power transformers line specifically designed to supply Axor servo drives (all models and types). Power ranges from 100 to 8000 Va. The TM/TT transformer series is a standard heavy duty power transformer line to be coupled with our drives and mains filters (FRM/FRT type). They are, as standard, transformers without centre […]

Single & three-phase Filters FRM-FRT

A number of Axor servo drives (brushless and DC) require EMI filtering of the input power leads to block conduced-type emissions from exiting onto the power supply line. The size of filter must be based on the size of transformers (single or 3-phase) used to supply the single or multi-axis servodrive control applications (see TM/TT […]

Power Supply Parts

Capacitors – Resistors – Power Bridges Power supply parts specifically for building self-made unregulated D.C. power supplies for most of Axor’s servodrives (Microspeed, Microspeed Plus, Micro B, Micro B Plus and Minispeed). With power supply parts it’s possible and easy to obtain unregulated DC power supplies at really effective costs. An accetable solution for complementing […]

Dump Cards for DC Bus SHR

The MiniCLAMP® is a Eurocard formatted dumping card for monitoring DC Bus power supplies of multi-axis MiniSPEED® or B17® rack systems. The mechanical energy that comes back into the power supply’s bus capacitors during braking, charges them. To avoid the voltage reaching amplifiers over voltage the MiniCLAMP® discharges the energy on internal (up to 200 […]

MiniSPEED eurocard rack system (RKM)

Axor’s RKM ® system is a technologically integrated drive solution. Up to 11 different axis modules can be integrated into a single RKM drive rack. The drives can be combined with power supplies and dump circuits. This system is cost effective, efficient, reliable and designed for high performance. Typical applications are: Systems where multiple axis are required, […]

FastBACK Power Cables

Pre-assembled power & signal cables for “plug-n-play” connections to the Fast-Back® brushless servomotors. The CBLS cable must be used in accordance with the relevant service manual of the servodrive! All cables suitable for robotic applications. rque range is from 1.0 to 11 Nm. In conjunction with the MACK DRIVE servo drives, they offer an extremely […]