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The MiniCLAMP® is a Eurocard formatted dumping card for monitoring DC Bus power supplies of multi-axis MiniSPEED® or B17® rack systems. The mechanical energy that comes back into the power supply’s bus capacitors during braking, charges them. To avoid the voltage reaching amplifiers over voltage the MiniCLAMP® discharges the energy on internal (up to 200 W) or external (up to 800 W) power resistors. For correct sizing (rated power “W” size) contact Axor’s technical department.

Standard Features

  • Single DC Power Supply
  • Eurocard format

Protected against:

  • over/under voltage- max braking power capacity
  • power resistor short circuiting

Signalling LEDs:

  • OK (green)
  • PA = pre-alarm (orange)
  • MAX B = maximum braking (red)

Dumping power:

  • up to 200W with internal resistors
  • up to 800W with external resistors


  • Operating temperature, 0 ÷ 40 °C (32÷104°F)
  • Humidity, 10 ÷ 95 °C