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LAM Technologies is able to develop and produce analog, digital and power electronics. We assist customers in identifying the products best suited to their application or to study a customized system starting from standard product.

Customer satisfaction is our goal: to this end we carefully look to personal contacts and particularly to support, helping our customers during their first installation through detailed and comprehensive user manuals and software.

Born as an engineering company, in short time we have started to design, manufacture and promote our own branded motion control products, meeting automation requirements of many industries.

During this time it has been our aim to continually develop an automation components program, covering drivers for electric motors, signal conditioner modules, data acquisition modules, etc., which provides the optimum combination of price, performance and reliability.

Our market covers a wide spectrum of end user applications such as robotic, packaging, CNC machines (as engraving and cutting), scientific applications, labeling, dispensing and many other types of automatic machines.