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The DDS6 series drives are realised in full digital technology and are suitable for the driving of two phases stepper motors.

They are equipped with a CANopen fieldbus and can control the motor in torque, speed and position with high accuracy.

In addition to the digital and analogue I/O they are provided with inputs for incremental and absolute encoders.

The integrated protections and the isolation of the fieldbus and I/O ensure high reliability. The detailed diagnostics information and the permanent storage of the errors facilitate the detection and resolution of the problems.

The DDS6 series drives integrate the state of the art technology result of more than 26 years of experience. The motor is vector controlled that makes obsolete the concept of step division. The STEPLESS operation mode ensures high speed and maximum torque use. With a motor provided with encoders it is possible to use the stepper technology also in applications that require torque control. In the end, the fieldbus in standard CANopen ensures an efficient and quick integration into the modern automation systems.
The compact size and the quick DIN rail mounting give additional advantages that, together with the competitive cost make the DD6 series drives the best choice for any modern application.

  • CANopen DS301 Rev. 3.0 and IEC 61800-7-201/301(DSP402)
  • STEPLESS drive technology
  • suitable for incremental and absolute encoders
  • 0.2-10 Amps RMS
  • 20-90 Vdc
  • Protection – Over/Under voltage, Short circuit, Overheating and Break phase
DDS6 CanBUS Family Digital I/O Digital and Analog I/O, ABZ Encoder Digital and Analog I/O, ABZ Encoder, Absolute Encoder
20..50Vdc / 0.2..1.4Arms DDS6041 DDS1241 DDS1241
20..50Vdc / 1.0..4.5Arms DDS6044 DDS6244 DDS6444
20..50Vdc / 2.0..10.0Arms DDS6048 DDS6248 DDS6448
24..90Vdc / 1.0..4.5Arms DDS6074 DDS6274 DDS6474
24..90Vdc / 2.0..10.0Arms DDS6078 DDS6278 DDS6478