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The LAM stepper motors are characterized by high torque, compact size and low rotor inertia.

The available torque ranges from 0.28Nm up to 21Nm while the phase current is between 0.6A and 12A. All the models have square frame. The motors have a step angle of 1.8° and are optimized for the MicroStep drives, which ensures an accurate and smooth movement of the shaft.

Our drives are the natural companion of this motor family and when used together they allow to realize applications with high positioning precision and repeatability.

All the models are provided with a standard NEMA flanging, which facilitates easy integration on existing systems and on new applications. Motors with torque over 1.5Nm have the shaft with single or double plane face for a simple and safe tightening. On request we can provide versions with shaft key too. The motors are rated to IP30.

Despite the higher output torque our motors maintain a low rotor inertia, which makes them ideal for applications with high accelerations and decelerations. Most of the motors in the range are supplied with individual phase connections (8 leads) which ensure the optimal matching of the motor with the application. Motor can be connected in bi-polar series and bi-polar parallel (for bi-polar series, the current value required by the motor is half the parallel connection).

The stepper motors are widely used in many industrial automation fields, as for example numerical control systems (milling machines, pantographs CNC, woodturning machines, etc.), packing and filling machines, paper and wood working machines, labelling systems, vending machines, etc.

Care taken during the production and the high material quality make the LAM stepper motors the best choice for all the applications requiring reliable, high performance and economic stepper motors.