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The DS5x two phase stepper motor drives series is composed of 24 different models, subdivided in 8 power sizes and 3 different interface types: DS50-RS485, DS52-RS232, DS54-USB. The communication interface is insulated from the power supply to provide reliability and noise immunity.

The chosen communication protocol is the Modbus-RTU industrial standard which offers good performances at low costs. Through the commands set provided by the protocol, the master device (PC, PLC, etc.) is able to access in real time to the driver’s registers and to the user’s variables, freely declarable during programming, which can represent a data exchange area between the master device and the user’s program in execution in the driver.

The programming capability and the flexibility offered by the available programming blocks (which also include mathematical blocks) together with the many I/O resources which the driver is provided with, allow to simply realize applications with decentralized intelligence which relieve the master from the most onerous real-time activities and reduce the data traffic on the communication bus.


  • Insulated USB, RS232 and RS485 interface
  • Modbus-RTU communication protocol
  • Communication up to 38.400 baud
  • Driver USB for Linux and Windows (98, SE,
  • Me, 2K, XP and VISTA)
  • Bus access to all the registers and user program variables
  • Graphic programming at blocks
  • Mathematical functions at 32bit
  • Speed or position control
  • Independent acceleration and deceleration ramps
  • Absolute or relative positioning
  • Resolution at 1/128 step/rev
  • Range from -2,147,483,638 to +2,147,483,647
  • 4 digital and 2 +/-10V analog inputs
  • 2 digital and 1 0-10V analog outputs
  • Optocoupled and differential I/O, independently NPN or PNP usable
  • Analog inputs at 11bit
  • Digital outputs from 3Vdc to 30Vdc
  • Wide range of power supply
  • Resonance damping
  • Automatic current reduction
  • High efficiency power mosfet range
  • Complete diagnostics with independent indication for each anomaly
  • Complete protections (V, I and temp.)
  • Break motor phase diagnostics
  • Compact size
  • Easy DIN rail installation
  • Connections on removable terminal block
  • IP20-compliant construction
  • Low cost

Modbus-RTU interface RS232 / RS485 / USB
Integrated position controller
Range up to 10A, 240Vdc
Analogue and digital I/O
DC and AC supply versions