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With the DDS1 series, LAM Technologies redefines the stepper motor drive with pulses control enhancing it with new characteristics and functionalities.

It is now possible to eliminate the loss of step, adjust the motor torque, handle the limit switches, control the motor with +/10V reference and have many other features to use the stepper motor in applications so far precluded.

The DDS1 series is a fully digitally controlled and ensures a smooth and precise rotation of the motor. The family develops in 10 models different for functionality and power.

The old concept of step and resolution has been abandoned in favour of the STEPLESS drive technology, that allows to freely define the relationship between the pulses applied and the position of the motor, surpassing the strict division imposed by the older drives.

Pairing the drive with a motor with encoder built-in eliminates the loss of step and improves the system efficiency. Additionally, the motor torque can finally be 100% used as it is no longer necessary to reserve a torque margin to prevent the loss of step.

In simpler applications, it is possible to command the motor in START/STOP, with speeds selectable by digital I/Os or analogue input, with total control of the acceleration and deceleration ramps.

The DDS1 series drives define a new level of performance and functionality without penalizing the costs. They are compact and ensure easy and quick DIN rail mounting.

  • STEPLESS drive technology
  • 0.2-10 Amps RMS
  • 20-90 Vdc
  • control the motor with +/10V reference
  • torque control
  • 5 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 1 Analog Input
  • 8 Digital Inputs, 3 Digital Outputs, 1 Analog Input, 1 Encoder Input A, B, I
  • Protection – Over/Under voltage, Short circuit, Overheating and Break phase
DDS1 Family 5 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs 1 Analog Input 8 Digital Inputs, 3 Digital Outputs 1 Analog Input 1 Encoder Input A, B, I
20..50Vdc / 0.2..1.4Arms DDS1141 DDS1241
20..50Vdc / 1.0..4.5Arms DDS1144 DDS1244
20..50Vdc / 2.0..10.0Arms DDS1148 DDS1248
24..90Vdc / 1.0..4.5Arms DDS1174 DDS1274
24..90Vdc / 2.0..10.0Arms DDS1178 DDS1278