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Metronix servo drives logo

Metronix is one of Motor Technology’s trusted suppliers, we have been working with Metronix for 15 years. We supply products, we also provide training on individual products and complete motion control solutions.  

For more than 30 years Metronix has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative and reliable drive products for everything from machine tools, handling systems, precise positioning applications, AGVs and a vast range of other general and high performance requirements.

The increase in demand for more responsive, accurate and efficient control methods, the Metronix range of servo drive products has strengthened the relevance of the product range. With completely open connectivity to host PLCs, PCs and motion controllers, compatibility with most feedback devices on the market and capable of controlling all kinds of electrically commutated servo motors, the Metronix servo drive range offer The Solution.

With their focus on the servo drive and it’s increasing validity in an ever growing number of applications it is only natural that Metronix drive also stand out in terms of compact design, easy integration and user-friendly software tools.