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The SmartServo drive series follows the tradition of Metronix to provide a simple to integrate, user friendly solution to even the most demanding servo applications. This starts with the compact drive housings that include many of the ancillary components necessary in other systems to meet CE compliance. This includes mains filters, line and motor chokes, and regen / brake resistors.


The drives feature the Metronix Universal Encoder Interface (UEI), allowing the use of most available encoder systems. Furthermore, the smartServo drives incorporate a number of communication and Fieldbus interfaces, built in to the drive.

Numerous integrated software functions make the smartServo BL-4000-C servo drives real all-rounders in drive technology.

The smartServo BL-4000-C servo drives not only support numerous motor types and all common position encoders directly, but also can be adapted very flexible to a variety of applications via simple parameterisation of the integrated technology functions. The high-precise evaluation of external signals in the drive allows shortest possible cycle times.


Whether linear, jerk-limited or torque-limited: With the integrated positioning control every motion task can be easily realised.

Path program / Linking

All 256 positioning sets can be linked to solve complex positioning tasks without external control system. Furthermore, digital inputs allow situation-related branching.

Flying saw

By integrating a „flying saw“ into the drive, not only short cycle times, but also extremely high accuracies can be reached.

Electronic gear/ Synchronisation

The position-synchronous or speed- synchronous motion of various drives with variable gear ratios can be quickly parameterised via the software assistant

Linear motors

Special procedures for the determination of the commutation position and corresponding monitoring functions allow the operation of linear motors without commutation information.

Rotary table

For rotary table applications, several rotary axis modes are available. These can be combined with the cam disk and with the electronic gear.

Switching cams

Position trigger, rotor position trigger and switching cams in connection with the cam disk can be easily parametrised and connected to digital outputs.


  • Highest performance and dynamics internal sampling time < 32 μs
  • USB and Ethernet as parameterisation interfaces
  • Fieldbus on board EtherCAT/ProfiNET/CANopen
  • Universal encoder evaluation HIPERFACE®, HIPERFACE DSL®, EnDat 2.2, resolver, digital and analogue incremental encoders
  • Bluetooth interogation of the servo drive status via mobile phone or tablet PC
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Integrated brake chopper, external brake resistance can be connected
  • Separate 24 V DC supply for controller unit
  • UL certification in preparation


  • Single phase servo drive to 800W
  • Direct-on-line operation
  • BlueTooth
  • Simple commissioning through software wizard
  • Fieldbus on-board

Fieldbus options

The smartServo drive family features software selectable Fieldbus interfaces, without additional hardware

  • EtherCAT
  • ProfiNET
  • CANopen

Universal encoder interface

The smartServo family of drives can operate with rotary, linear and torque motors alike. Suitable feedback devices include, Resolver, Incremental Encoder, SinCos encoder (single-/ multiturn) with Hiperface, high resolution encoders as well as single-/ multiturn absolute encoder with EnDat interface.


Technical Data for BL 4102-C and BL 4104-C

Features BL 4102-C BL 4104-C
Supply voltage 1 x 75...230 VAC [± 10 %], 50...60 Hz
Control voltage 24 VDC [± 20 %] (0.35 A)
DC link voltage 325 VDC (with Umains = 230 VAC)
Output power 400W 800W
Max. output power for 2 s 1.0 kW 2.0 kW
Rated output current 2 Arms 4 Arms
Max. output current for 5 s 6 Arms 12 Arms
Internal brake resistor 75 Ohms
Continuous power / pulse power 8 W / 2 kW
External brake resistor 75 Ω, max. 2 kW
Holding brake 24 VDC, max. 2 A
Dimensions servo drive H x W x D 200 x 50 x 163 mm, 245 x 50 x 163 mm with mounting plate
Weight 1.5 kg

Technical Features

Features Values
EMC directive 2014/35/EU verified by application of the harmonised standard EN 61800-3
Low-voltage directive 2014/30/EU verified by application of the harmonised standard EN 61800-5-1
cULus certification UL 508C, C22.2 No. 274-13
Admissible temperature ranges Storage temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C, operating temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C+40 °C to +50 °C at reduced power 2,5 % / K
Admissible installation height Mounting height max. 2000 m above msl, above 1000 m above msl with power reduction 1 % pro 100 m
Humidity Relative humidity up to 90 %, not bedewing
Protection degree IP20
Protection class I
Pollution degree 2
Inputs 8 x digital in (24 VDC), 2 x analogue in (± 10 VDC)
Outputs 3 x digital out (24 VDC)
Interfaces USB 2.0, Ethernet, CAN-Bus, EtherCAT, ProfiNET, MicroSD card
Encoder evaluation EnDat 2.2, HIPERFACE®, HIPERFACE DSL®, resolver, analogue and digital incremental encoders with/without commutation signals, BISS (Type C)