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for the ARS 2002-FS series servo positioning drives

Metronix ARS 2000-FS servo positioning drives can now be fitted with the ProfiNET technology module for quick and easy integration into a ProfiNET IO network.


 The control of the drive is carried out using function and data-blocks, which will already be familiar from the communications protocol ProfiBUS. Metronix homepage to aid and simplify commissioning.

To provide simple diagnostics and monitoring over the ProfiNET network, error messages from the ARS 2000-FS are displayed, in clear text, in the control surface (Step 7/TIA-Portal). The servo drive can easily be integrated in S7 control programmes with specific Metronix functions and data blocks for the S7 family from Siemens.

The complete configuration of the ProfiNET Technology module is carried out quickly and easily in the commissioning software Metronix ServoCommander®.

The configuration of the process data is carried out, in the same way as familiar under ProfiBUS, using the user friendly telegram-editor in the Metronix ServoCommander®.

Parameterisation and diagnostic can be run on the servo drives over the ProfiNET network under Metronix ServoCommander® without the need for additional cabling.

To be able to utilise the full functionality of the ProfiNET module, a software update of the Metronix ServoCommander® is necessary.

ProfiNET (ProcessFieldNetwork), the open industrial Ethernet Standard of ProfiBUS and ProfiNET International, is outlined in the standards IEC 61158 and IEC 61784.