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DSS7 series ProfiNET closed-loop micro-stepping drive

The DDS7xP series stepper motor drives are equipped with PROFINET IO Industrial Ethernet fieldbus and are able to control the motor in Position, Velocity and Torque mode. The digital implementation and the vector control of the motor ensure high performances and efficiency. The IRT communication allows updating of the set points with a cycle time […]

DSS7 series EtherCAT closed-loop micro-stepping drive

The DDS7xE series stepper motor drives are equipped with EtherCAT fieldbus and support the CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT) protocol with CiA DS402 profile.The models with Encoder input allows the motor control in closed-loop, avoiding the step losses’ problems and improving the application performances. The dynamic control of the current allows to limit the motor heating […]

DSS6 series CanBUS closed-loop micro-stepping drive

The DDS6 series drives are realised in full digital technology and are suitable for the driving of two phases stepper motors. They are equipped with a CANopen fieldbus and can control the motor in torque, speed and position with high accuracy. In addition to the digital and analogue I/O they are provided with inputs for […]

DSS1 series closed-loop micro-stepping drive

With the DDS1 series, LAM Technologies redefines the stepper motor drive with pulses control enhancing it with new characteristics and functionalities. It is now possible to eliminate the loss of step, adjust the motor torque, handle the limit switches, control the motor with +/10V reference and have many other features to use the stepper motor […]

DS 50 series micro-stepping drive with Modbus-RTU interface

The DS5x two phase stepper motor drives series is composed of 24 different models, subdivided in 8 power sizes and 3 different interface types: DS50-RS485, DS52-RS232, DS54-USB. The communication interface is insulated from the power supply to provide reliability and noise immunity. The chosen communication protocol is the Modbus-RTU industrial standard which offers good performances […]

DS 30 series micro-stepping drive with integrated position controller

The DS30 series intelligent micro-stepping drives are the perfect choice for all those applications which require accurate motor control both for speed and position. The built-in indexer is fully programmable by the user through easy and intuitive functional blocks. The programming is made through the free software UDP Commander putting in sequence the various functional […]

DS 10 series DIN-rail mounted micro-stepping drives

High reliability and performance, compact size and low cost have been the prerequisites for the development of the DS10 series stepper drives. The entire range, from 20…240V and 0.8…10A, is suitable for DIN rail mounting. Using the last electronic components generation and the SMT technology it has been possible to produce an high power driver […]

OS10/LS10 series, open frame micro-stepping drives

The OS10 series offers an excellent price-performance ratio. The drivers are mountable through 4 holes placed on the corners of the board. The connection of the signal and power cables is through screw terminal blocks suitable for 2,5mm2 wire size. The diagnostics are accurate and the setting is quick and simple thanks to the graphic […]