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GEL 244xm

Gel 244xM

Configurable speed and position sensor with Mitsubishi interface. MiniCODER GEL 2449M/GEL 2444M General Information ■ The measuring system comprises a MiniCODER and a target wheel for attachment to machine shafts.■ The MiniCODER scans the target wheel with magnetoresistive sensors without contact and detects the direction of rotation, speed and position.■ The MiniCODER can be adjusted […]

GEL 2740

GEL 2740

The GEL 2740 is a multichannel rotary encoder, available in models 2701-2710. They offer unmatched versatility with mounting options for both internally and externally mounted bogies. Boasting up to 8 channels, 3 pulse numbers, and support for voltage or current output, these encoders ensure precise data acquisition for rail vehicles. With flange forms catering to […]