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Configurable speed and position sensor with Mitsubishi interface.

MiniCODER GEL 2449M/GEL 2444M

General Information

■ The measuring system comprises a MiniCODER and a target wheel for attachment to machine shafts.
■ The MiniCODER scans the target wheel with magnetoresistive sensors without contact and detects the direction of rotation, speed and position.
■ The MiniCODER can be adjusted and configured with the
GEL 211CST4␣2M mobile service unit.

Bearingless encoder with serial interface for Mitsubishi M800/M80/E80/C80 CNC series

  • Resolution up to 26 bit
  • No additional signal converter box required
  • Maintenance- and wear-free
  • Low temperature drift and high signal quality
  • Highest interference immunity thanks to completely shielded metal housing
  • Automatic comparison with the mobile service device
  • For gears with 10 mm and 12 mm thickness
Gel 244xM
Technical Data Built-in encoder GEL 2444M Built-in encoder GEL 2449M
General information See GEL 2444 See GEL 2449
Module 0.3 and 0.5 0.4 and 1.0
Permissible air gap 0.15mm ± 0.02mm (m=0.3) 0.20mm ± 0.03mm (m=0.5) 0.20mm ± 0.02mm (m=0.4) 0.50mm ± 0.03mm (m=1.0)
Reference mark Flag (N), Tooth (Z) Tooth (Z)
Current consumption without load ≤ 80mA
Data transfer rate 2.5 Mbps
Power consumption without load ≤ 0.5W
Switch-on time < 0.5s
Working temperature range 0 °C … + 70 °C
Operating and storage temperature range -30 °C … +105 °C