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The GEL 2740 is a multichannel rotary encoder, available in models 2701-2710. They offer unmatched versatility with mounting options for both internally and externally mounted bogies. Boasting up to 8 channels, 3 pulse numbers, and support for voltage or current output, these encoders ensure precise data acquisition for rail vehicles. With flange forms catering to every vehicle type and the option to integrate Cold Movement Detection for enhanced safety (ETCS level 3), the GEL 2740 series is the epitome of efficiency and innovation, improving the standards for encoder performance across diverse rail systems.

For mounting on internally or externally mounted bogies

  • Max. 8 channels
  • Max. 3 different pulse numbers
  • Voltage or current output
  • Various flange forms for every vehicle type
  • Cold Movement Detection function can be integrated (ETCS level 3)
GEL 2740
Technical Data Speed Sensor GEL 2475MS
Fields of application Rail vehicles
Supply voltage 10 to 30 V DC
Temperature range -40 °C to +100 °C
Protection class IP 67
Number of sensor systems up to 8
Number of pulses up to 200