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SAX DC servo motors with permanent magnets are traditional, easy-to-use, motors that are extremely reliable and efficient. They have a favourable cost to performance ratio and are perfectly designed for use with the Microspeed, Minispeed and Masterspeed Servo Amplifiers and range from 0.045 to 2.7Nm.

These servo motors (thanks to their permanent magnets) give high level performance. Typical applications are Axis Controlled by CNC. Particularly indicated for cost effective applications with smooth speed control and high reliability.

The maximum environmental temperature to which the nominal performance refers is +40°C.

Standard Features 

• servo performance at low cost
• rare earth magnets
• compact Ø34-84mm motors designed and built for continuous duty
• IP54


• Tachometers
• Encoders
• Holding Brakes
Motor chokes