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LST series brushless servo motors

Featuring conventional winding technology, the LST motor combines all the advantages of a 6-pole synchronous servomotor. The servomotors have Neodymium permanent magnets in the rotor. Because of the standardised flange and shaft measurements the motors can be easily combined with gearboxes and other equipment. Feedback The motors are equipped with two-pole hollow-shaft resolvers as standard, […]

KEBA – CDF3000, cLine servo drive

The little one with the genes of its big brother offers top-class positioning functionality. We have provided the CDF3000 with all the features needed to make the 24 V or 48 V DC supply concept fit for use in the highly demanding automation environment. With this functionality our new little family member will redefine standards […]

KEBA – C-Line drive controllers

The CDE/CDB drive controllers are available in power classes from 375 W/2 A up to 90 kW/170 A. You can also select from a wide range of synchronous and asynchronous gear motors. So cut your costs further by employing a complete system solution from KEBA (formally knows as LTi). Functionality Safe-Stop to category 3 EN […]

LSN series brushless servomotor

The LSN synchronous servomotors from LTi are brushless three-phase motors for high-end servo applications and are available in all speed and voltage variants furthermore they are particularly suitable for positioning tasks on machine tools, industrial robots, transfer lines, etc., as well as for applications with high demands on dynamic performance and stability. The standard models […]

KEBA – Single axis servo drive

The AC-powered ServoOne single-axis servo is suitable for a broad spread of applications thanks to its very wide power output range. From handling systems to complex test rigs, there are no limits to the diversity of applications covered. Standard Features¬† The fluid-cooled model greatly enhances performance. Protection against overheating due to malfunctions in the fluid […]