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The CDE/CDB drive controllers are available in power classes from 375 W/2 A up to 90 kW/170 A. You can also select from a wide range of synchronous and asynchronous gear motors.

So cut your costs further by employing a complete system solution from KEBA (formally knows as LTi).


  • Safe-Stop to category 3 EN 954-1, to save on external safety components
  • CANopen inside with DSP402 Position, Interpolated Position, Velocity and Homing modes and scaling of units by Factor Group
  • Evaluation of two encoders, for precision positioning operations with backlash mechanism
  • Evaluation of multi-turn encoders, for positioning operations without referencing
  • Sequenced driving set positioning, with sequential job logic, graphically operated
  • PLCmotion for process-oriented additional tasks and coordination of movement sequences
  • Cam-contactor group, for generation of position-dependent control signals to control connected machine peripherals
  • Online position profile generator, for real-time position profile generation with 250 µs fine interpolation


  • Drive family for servo and asynchronous motors
  • Range up to 90kW
  • Category 3 safety
  • Integrated PLC
  • Plug-in KeyPad
  • I/O expansion