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ACHEMA Inspire


ACHEMA Inspire magazine We are thrilled to present to you the latest edition of  ACHEMA Inspire, a cutting-edge digital magazine curated exclusively for the pharmaceutical and process industry enthusiasts. Click the image to read. We will also be exhibiting at ACHEMA, Frankfurt, 10-14 June 2024. Get tickets Facebook Twitter



Join us at stand P42 Visit CHEMUK 2024 15th – 16th May 2024NEC, Birmingham, UK Why visit our stand How media is delivered into a process can be a vital factor in achieving a quality end product. Find out how Fuji-Techno’s super metering pumps can provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability. Description Motor Technology offers precision, […]

Navigating the Skills Crisis

Navigating the Skills Crisis

Challenges and Solutions in the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector The manufacturing and engineering sector is currently facing a significant challenge – a skills crisis that threatens to hamper growth and innovation. According to a government study, a staggering 186,000 skilled engineers are needed annually to bridge the widening skills gap. Compounding this issue is the […]

Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year 2024

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, Motor Technology is delighted to extend our heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and joyous New Year to all our esteemed customers and trusted suppliers. In 2024, we proudly mark a significant milestone – our 40th anniversary! Over the past four decades, Motor Technology has been dedicated to […]

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024!

Drives and controls 2024

Come and visit us at Smart Manufacturing and Engineering week! We specialise in servo, stepper and motion control solutions. We will be showcasing the award winning KEBA wireless operator panels and the Lonord + Bauer MiniCoder. We will be answering technical questions and able to give product information on anything from low voltage actuators for […]

The Importance of Ongoing Technical Support in Motion Control

Technical Support

In the intricate combination of precision and performance within the motion control industry, the compass that guides clients toward success is none other than ongoing technical support. With a legacy of almost 40 years in the servo and motion control industry, Motor Technology stands as a seasoned navigator, poised to tackle challenges and provide easy […]

How We Combat Cavitation

SMP - Super Metering Pump

Date: December 2023       Author: Laurentiu Vladuceanu Revolutionising Fluid Dynamics: Fuji Techno’s HY Series Super Metering Pumps In the field of fluid dynamics there is an ever-present challenge – cavitation. This phenomenon troubles pump manufacturers and process engineers alike, globally. Every pump manufacturer spends time and resources improving the design of their pump […]

Viral bottle trick

viral bottle trick

Have you seen the Viral bottle trick? In short when you hit the top of a glass bottle filled with water, the impact creates a sudden force that travels through the bottle. This rapid movement generates a powerful shockwave that creates a vacuum at the bottom of the bottle. The liquid, responds to this vacuum […]

More about Motion control

Unlocking Seamless Experiences: The Power of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)!  In the intricate tapestry of modern industries, the thread that weaves technology and human touch together is the Human Machine Interface (HMI). This pivotal component stands as the beacon of seamless interactions, crafting an intuitive bridge between humans and technology. But why does it matter? […]

Key and keyway dimensions

The key and keyway dimensions for servomotors vary depending on the motor manufacturer and specific model. However, most motors have standardised dimensions for their keys and keyways. For example, the standard keyway size for a 3/8″ shaft is typically 3/32″ x 3/64″, while for a 1/2″ shaft, it is usually 1/8″ x 1/16″. The key […]

Bore and shaft tolerances

Bore and shaft tolerances are critical parameters for servomotors. Bore tolerance refers to the allowable deviation in the inner diameter of the motor’s mounting aperture, while shaft tolerance refers to the allowable deviation in the motor shaft’s diameter. These tolerances are essential to maintain the accuracy and precision of the motor’s movement and position control. […]

Motor Flange Table – quick reference of typical motor sizes

motor flange table

At Motor Technology we strive to supply standard product for any application you may have. Compatibility of differing motors becomes a major issue when you are looking for a replacement. To assist you in defining the motor size required, please use the table below. This is by no means a definitive list, but represents some […]

Open For Business

Find all of your motion control essentials here. The shop is home to all of your motion control, sensing and even legacy products. Browse and buy in a couple of clicks or call us if anything you need is not quite to your specification. From our incorporation in 1985 our aim has been to […]

Lenord+Bauer’s new SEI10 – 2 channel speed sensor

The new SEI10 sensor is a further development of Lenord+Bauer’s industry leading GEL 247 series found extensively in rail vehicles, such as trains, boggies, cranes, amongst others. It has been designed specifically for speed and position detection in on- and off-road industrial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and heavy machinery. Detection is achieved due to the changing […]

What is the smallest speed increment you can set on a servo motor?

Smallest Speed increment

In our Technical Answers series, we address questions that have been put to us by customers regarding their real-life applications. We’ve always sought to produce easy-to-understand articles that provide help and advice with every day servo and automation issues that will hopefully help all our customers. Our recent Back-to-Basics article on servo motors was a […]

When a servo motor that’s big enough isn’t big enough

servo motor is not big enough

It might seem a strange statement, but yes, you read that right—there are certain operating conditions where servomotors that should be big enough for an application are actually too small! Too small that is in terms of their power rating, which for most applications is a perfectly acceptable way of selecting the right size motor. […]

Let us answer your technical questions

let us answer your technical questions

Servo and motion control technology can sometimes be complex, so to help demystify the subject and answer some of your trickier questions, we’re launching a series of short and simple articles as part of out new Technical Answers feature. We’d like to invite you to submit any question you may have on servo and motion […]

Award Winning Wireless Operator Panels

A new range of wireless operator panels that constantly monitor machine health, increase efficiency, production and cut downtime, are available in the UK from Motor Technology.

KEBA’s KeTop 150 and Ketop155 Have been voted 1st winners for product of the year in the operation & monitoring category at the computer & automation awards. The KeTop 150 and KeTop 155 has won first place for their one-for-all ease of use landscape and portrait wireless operator panels. Read the full article here  Product […]

Metronix smartServo goes large

Metronix smartServo

Building on the latest BL4000 series smartServo hardware platform, Metronix are extending their latest range of servo drive by four additional power levels. The current BL4100 range of single phase, 230Vac servo drives, currently available in 2Amp/400W and 4Amp (800W), is to be extended with an 8Amp/1600W version.   The BL4300 three-phase 400Vac versions will see […]

Wireless Operator Panels Reduce Downtime

A new range of wireless operator panels that constantly monitor machine health, increase efficiency, production and cut downtime, are available in the UK from Motor Technology.

A new range of wireless operator panels from KEBA Automation AG, aid production efficiency and reduce downtime by keeping relevant staff informed of machine issues. The service engineer, machine operator and supervisor are always kept up to date with the latest information by the mobile terminal that has been personally assigned to them. Regardless of […]