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Date: December 2023       Author: Laurentiu Vladuceanu

How We Combat Cavitation

Revolutionising Fluid Dynamics: Fuji Techno’s HY Series Super Metering Pumps

In the field of fluid dynamics there is an ever-present challenge – cavitation. This phenomenon troubles pump manufacturers and process engineers alike, globally.

Every pump manufacturer spends time and resources improving the design of their pump to minimise the effects of cavitation. This can be achieved in two ways: fighting cavitation and/or using cavitation to improve the performance of the pump.

More than three and a half decades ago, Fuji Techno Industries, Japan, developed the HY series Super Metering Pumps to challenge, amongst other issues, the cause of cavitation.

Their positive displacement, triplex plunger design, avoids high speed, aggressive interaction with the pumped media, eliminating cavitation completely. The design also allows stable flow under varying conditions with virtually pulsation free delivery, making them possibly the most accurate pumps for continuous flow applications in the world.

Because of their unique design, the HY super metering pumps are suitable for feeding chemicals and media that is extremely sensitive to cavitation, where most of the other pumps fails.

A striking example is the delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide, which is traditionally handled in batch processing, where using the Fuji Techno HY super metering pumps can aid the switch to a continuous flow process.

With cavitation removed from the equation, Fuji Techno’s HY pumps empower engineers and manufacturers across chemical, fine chem, pharma and other industries to tackle processes and applications previously deemed impossible. 

Fuji Techno’s clients, including many of the World’s leading chemical, pharmaceutical, research & development, processing and food companies have experienced the benefits continuous flow processing offers, aided by the unique design and outstanding performance of the HY super metering pumps. 

Fuji Techno’s HY series Super Metering Pumps are not simply a pump, they are an integral part in many newly emerging applications.