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Wireless Operator Panels Reduce Downtime

A new range of wireless operator panels from KEBA Automation AG, aid production efficiency and reduce downtime by keeping relevant staff informed of machine issues.

The service engineer, machine operator and supervisor are always kept up to date with the latest

information by the mobile terminal that has been personally assigned to them. Regardless of whether they are currently at their workplace or are on the move in the plant. If a problem occurs on a machine, a response relevant to them is provided instantly.

These immediate notifications enable quicker and more informed actions and ensure machine downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

To further explain how the system could work, consider this typical scenario:

  • A machine signals a problem on all mobile terminals available at the factory.
  • The engineer that is available the soonest uses their terminal to confirm acceptance of the service request.
  • All the other operators and maintenance team can continue their work undisturbed.
  • It is even possible for the spares store to be informed of the issue, allowing potential new parts to be made ready!
  • The engineer attends the breakdown, and the machine can quickly resume operation. Finally, the engineer uses the terminal to complete a report and hand back the machine to production.

Available exclusively in the UK from Stockport based Motor Technology Ltd.

In addition to improving the response to breakdowns, the panels also feature advanced wireless safety functions including a built-in emergency stop.

We are very excited to be working with KEBA on the application of their operator panels and drives.