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Whatever you want

Our philosophy has always been about supplying customers with exactly what they need, and not what we want to sell, as can be the case with some suppliers. This means we’re called on to help with really diverse projects from designing the most high-tech automation systems to trying to find replacements for components that are no longer in production.

Just recently we completed a project in which we completely redesigned a servo motor for a company designing a lightweight system. Engineers at the company couldn’t find a motor light enough to meet their specifications and so they came to us for help.

There wasn’t a servo motor in production that weighed less than their specified upper limit, and so to help to achieve their objectives we completely redesigned a servo motor using lightweight composite materials. In doing so we were able to bring the total weight of the motor below their upper limit and the project was a success.

In the same month, and at the other end of the tech scale, we helped a company that experienced a drive failure on one of its machines. The drive in question was an old unit and the company’s engineering team didn’t have a backup of the parameters. Even though the drive is no longer in production we had one in stock, and so all the customer had to do was to send us their failed unit.

Our team was then able to retrieve the parameters from the old drive, load them on to the new one and ship it to the customer. Because it was a like-for-like replacement the re-installation was simple and it saved a costly visit from service engineers who would have taken all day just to program a new unit. Not to mention the fact that a modern, new drive wouldn’t have been a drop-in replacement, and would additionally have required expensive new cabling.

And that’s what we do – whatever you want, from the most basic automation process to the high-tech and complex systems. From a simple repair to one-off spares and from small orders to regular supplies for OEMs. In fact, OEMs love us, especially when they contact us at the design stage so that we can recommend the very best technology for their requirements.