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GEL 2701, 2710 and 2712

multi-channel rotary encoder

GEL 2701

The GEL 2701, 2710 and 2712 multichannel rotary encoders were specially designed for the requirements of the rail vehicle industry. The rotary encoder was designed such that it supplies independent output signals for different control system electronics such as motor speed sensing, anti-skid protection, train control and rolling distance measurement. Depending on the requirements, up […]

GEL 293 hollow-shaft

magnetic incremental encoder

GEL 293

The magnetic incremental rotary encoders GEL 293 are based on contactless magnetic scanning of an integrated ferromagnetic precision target wheel. The resilient housing with a flange size of 115 mm is available with radial connector or cable outlet. The integrated flexible hollow shaft coupling of the encoder is mounted on the drive shaft with a […]

GEL 260 magnetic incremental encoder with current output

The encoders contain a contact-less magnetic sensor system and a precision toothed wheel. The sensor’s magnetic field is modulated by the passing of the teeth of the measuring wheel. The resulting sine-cosine voltage is evaluated by the integrated electronic and converted to an incremental output. In addition the encoder can provide a speed dependent analogue […]