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GEL 2444M and 2449M MiniCODER with Mitsubishi CNC interface

GEL 2444M

The MiniCODER GEL 244xM is an incremental rotary encoder with reference signal. It transmits data via a digital serial interface (Mitsubishi High Speed Serial Interface), decodes requests (RQ+/RQ-) received from a control system and then sends back the data requested (Data+/Data-). The MiniCODER can be tested and configured using the testing and programming unit GEL […]

GEL 2449 MiniCODER with SINCOS or DIGITAL output

GEL 2449

The measuring system comprises the GEL 2449 MiniCODER sensor element and a precision target wheel for attachment to shafts. Suitable tooth-wheel modules are 0.4 or 1.0 mm. Precision target wheels can be ordered separately. The MiniCODER contactlessly scans the precision target wheel using magneto resistive sensors and acquires the direction of rotation, rotational speed and position of the […]

GEL 2444 T- 2444 K – 2444D MiniCoder with TTL or SINCOS output

GEL 2444

The GEL 2444 MiniCODERs are available in three variants, the GEL 2444-T sensor that generates a square wave output, the GEL 2444-K sensor that generates a sine wave output and the GEL 2444-D that generates square wave output and a rotational speed histogram. The output signals are generated from teeth on a ferro-magnetic tooth-wheel passing […]

GEL 2432 – MiniCODER with SINCOS and TTL

GEL 2432

The GEL 2432 MiniCoder is a sensor element that generates a sin/cos or square-wave output from a ferro-magnetic tooth-wheel or measuring rod. High resolution can also be provided by internal interpolation of square-wave signal. Rotary and linear motion can be detected and applications include registering movement of piston rods on diescasting machines, contactless measurement of […]

GEL 211 B – Test and programming device for SinCos MiniCODERs

The Gel 211B test and programming device performs simple data analysis whilst compiling reports and recording data. This device can be set to provide a full diagnosis of the MiniCODERs activity. The universal WLAN connection is independent of the operating system, making it easier to display on mobile terminals such as a tablet or PC. […]