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NEW… Motion Perfect v5 from TRIO

‘Design, Develop, Test, Deploy and Secure’ Motion Perfect v5 enhances the programming experience for your Motion Coordinator and the upcoming DX4 range of servo drives. New and Improved… • DX4 Servo Drive Support • New Flatter User Interface • Improved Support for Third Party EtherCAT Devices • Enhanced Motion-iX Editor • Updated IEC Editor Component […]

Axor’s Mack Drive reduces costs with compact, centralised control

Axor Mack Drive

The innovative new MACK drive system, from Axor Industries, reduces cost by sharing the incoming supply across multiple axes, removing the need for filtering, power conversion and regeneration circuitry on individual drives, and reduced processor costs due to centralised control. The MACK system is based on a linked, modular design, with no fixed mechanical connection between the modules. All […]

Ultra-compact servo motor with integrated drive

integrated drive

The Mack-Tron is a custom engineered solution to tackle the demands for smaller and easy to integrate servo motor applications. The ultra-compact format allows for installation where space is at a premium or where the machine design benefits from the motor being out of sight. Despite its compact size the Mack-Tron offers a wide range […]

KEBA – POWERLINK interface for high performance servo drives

POWERLINK interface concepts for high performance servo  Our ServoOne range of high performance servo drives, manufactured by LTi Motion, are now available with a POWERLINK interface. The high bandwidth of this real-time Industrial Ethernet technology allows for high-performance implementation of centralised control concepts with ServoOne drives over POWERLNK. The high-performance ServoOne drives are available as […]