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POWERLINK interface concepts for high performance servo 

Our ServoOne range of high performance servo drives, manufactured by LTi Motion, are now available with a POWERLINK interface. The high bandwidth of this real-time Industrial Ethernet technology allows for high-performance implementation of centralised control concepts with ServoOne drives over POWERLNK.

The high-performance ServoOne drives are available as single-axis modules, as well as the energy efficient, multi-axis ServoOne system, with its modular design and regenerating power supply unit, offering the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

LTi servo drives are seamlessly integrated in POWERLINK networks using a device profile – independently of the control system used – so OEMs and end users enjoy maximum freedom in the selection of their automation components. The ServoOne product family includes three product series ServoOne AC, ServoOne DC and ServoOne junior, in 19 different module sizes and available with nominal currents ranging from 2 to 450 amps.

With more than 1.1 million POWERLINK systems installed, POWERLINK is the worldwide leader for real-time Ethernet solutions. Absolute openness, maximum performance and unmatched features are the main reasons for POWERLINK’s success.

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