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Target wheels ZA, ZAN, ZAG and ZAZ

Target wheels ZA

Target wheels ZA, ZAN, ZAG and ZAZ by Lenord+Bauer. L+B have over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of precision target wheels, which are suitable for contactless magnetic scanning by magneto-resistive sensor elements (MiniCODERs) for rotational speed detection and position acquisition A reference mark (tooth, flag, groove or gap) is used for generating reference […]

GEL 2444 T- 2444 K – 2444D MiniCoder with TTL or SINCOS output

GEL 2444

The GEL 2444 MiniCODERs are available in three variants, the GEL 2444-T sensor that generates a square wave output, the GEL 2444-K sensor that generates a sine wave output and the GEL 2444-D that generates square wave output and a rotational speed histogram. The output signals are generated from teeth on a ferro-magnetic tooth-wheel passing […]