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Our recent pump control unit build

Motor Technology Ltd. were recently asked by a customer to assist in completing the build of a pump control unit. The project had been shelved after the colleague in charge left the company, so it was up to us to finish the job!

The unit comprised of two gear-pumps with brushless servo motors with integrated drives, which were to be controlled from a National Instruments CompactDAQ USB Chassis, designed for sensor measurement systems. In addition, there were two Bronkhorst Coreolis flow meters and two pressure sensors planned for the unit.

As the completed unit was intended for use in-house and at customer sites, it needed to be made compliant with all relevant regulations. To achieve this the original enclosure had to be discarded as it just wasn’t big enough.

Motor Technology’s engineers produced a new enclosure design, updated schematics and the cabinet was built by our sister company Euroservo Ltd.

All the relevant parts were free issued to Euroservo, along with the necessary documentation and the new unit was built in around one week.

Before supplying the finished unit to the customer, our technical team checked and tested the unit. The pumps, which had their own configuration software, were tested off-line. It’s safe to say all was fine and good to go.

The unit was supplied to the happy customer along with all the necessary documentation.