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The P377 digital input Flexslice connects 24V dc signals from devices on the machine to the binary control registers in the Motion Coordinator.

All 16 inputs are current sourcing (NPN) type and have electrical isolation. Inputs and power connection are via 2 x single-row push-in connectorss. The Flexslice module indicates the input signal states via LEDs

Module current consumption (EBUS 5V)100mA max
Number of Digital Inputs
16 (2 banks of 8)
Power supply requirement
24V (+/-20%) DC
Load type
Resistive, inductive and capacitive
“ON” Voltage13.7V typ
“OFF” Voltage
14.6V typ
Input current
3.5mA typ
Input filter Cut-off (RC network)
MountingDIN rail mount
Size (w x d x h) mm15 x 147 x 107
ConnectorsPush-in wiring terminals
EMCEN61000-6-2 (2005) Industrial Noise Immunity/ EN61000-6-4 (2007) Industrial Noise Emissions.
RoHs, CE, ULCompliant