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The Flexslice system begins with the coupler.
The coupler is connected to the network via the upper Ethernet interface. The lower RJ45 socket may be used to connect further EtherCAT devices in the same strand.

The bus coupler supports up to 16 input/output modules which have a positive mechanical lock and bus connector, making a reliable EBUS connection through the backplane. The complete assembly can be DIN rail mounted. The coupler converts the passing telegrams from Ethernet 100BASE-T to EBUS signal format.

In the EtherCAT network, the P366 coupler can be installed in any position in the Ethernet string; making it suitable for operation close to the master or at a remote position.

Power supply requirement24V DC, 0.8A min for full system
EtherCAT ConnectionRJ45
Data rate100 Mbit/s
Power Supply 24V / 1.5W
EtherCAT refresh cycle≥ 125us
Network CableCAT5e min
MountingDIN rail mount
Size (w x d x h) mm17.2 x 147 x 107
ConnectorsPush-in wiring terminals
EMCEN61000-6-2 (2005) Industrial Noise Immunity/ EN61000-6-4 (2007) Industrial Noise Emissions.
RoHs, CE, ULCompliant