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The “G.H.A.” (Golden Hard Anodizing) treatment is the latest and most innovative technology applicable to aluminum-based alloys surfaces. This is an anodic oxidation process enriched with silver ions which gives the treated surface exceptional antibacterial, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and thermal conductivity properties.
The anodic oxidation generates a protective layer of ceramic type, very hard, refractory to heat and unremovable.

Moreover, by means of a patented process, the typical porosities of the anodic oxide crystals are galvanically sealed with silver ions.

The high hardness of the anodic oxide and the uniform distribution of the silver ions guarantee chemical-physical properties of extreme interest for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and marine fields. The GHA gearbox line is an exclusive Tramec patent.


GHA gearboxes VS stainless steel gearboxes / with other treatments

Thanks to the special properties conferred by the patented treatment to which they are subjected, gearboxes  and motors of the GHA series are an excellent alternative to those exclusively made in stainless steel or treated with other processes (i.e. nickel plating or special paintings).

  • GXC worm gearboxes

  • Excellent bactericidal properties

  • Standard corrosion resistance (250 h in NSS test)

  • Standard XC housings, subjected to GHA treatment

  • AISI 316 hollow output shaft and stainless steel nuts and bolts

  • Lubricant and oil seals certified by FDA for food industry use

  • Suitable for use in dry food environments

  • External surface actively antibacterial vs. inert surfaces, which do not prevent bacterial proliferation
  • 1/3 lighter than stainless steel
  • Over 13 times higher thermal conductivity (204 W / m ° C) compared to stainless steel (15 W / m ° C)
  • Cheaper than the corresponding stainless steel version
  • Nickel free
  • Non-magnetic motors, capable of withstanding high voltages
  • Safe and aseptic