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DYNASET XL high-torque worm-wheel sets can be specified for OEM applications where a complete gearbox is not desirable, either on technical or ecconomic grounds. The worm-wheel sets are supplied loose, comprising the worm-shaft and wheel only.

The DynaSet XL worm-wheel sets can also be supplied with the backlash adjuster (mounted and pre-loaded) which includes the front and rear bearings, the adjustment shims and the o-ring.

For high speed applications, a backlash between 0,5 to 1 arc minute is recommended. For very intermittent applications (rotary tables or milling heads of CNC machines for ex.), a backlash down to zero is allowable. Adjustment can be made via removable shims.


  • ratios from 5.25 up to 90:1
  • centre / centre distances from 125 to 200mm
  • continuous output torque to over 4700Nm
  • peak torque up to 7800Nm
  • emergency stop torque to 12,800Nm


  • machine tools
  • rotary tables
  • industrial robots
  • pick-and-place systems
  • tracking systems
  • semiconductor manufacturing