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We’d like to invite all readers of Motor Technology News (MTN) to send us any questions on any industrial servo, control, positioning or general automation issues for our regular new feature Technical Answers. Our recent feature on cable colour coding, Understanding DESINA, made it into the May 2017 issue of Industrial Technology magazine and many others have also been picked up by the press.

It may be that there is a technical issue that you would like to see clarified and explained more clearly, something the above feature on cable colour coding was designed to do.

As long as you suggest a topic that is likely to be of general interest to a wide range of MTN’s readers we will feature it in the next available issue and send you our amazing new Motor Technology pen, with super powers, as a thank you*. Not only can the stylish new Motor Technology pen write in two colours, it also has a built in laser pointer and powerful torch. It’s tons more useful than Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver any day!

We will of course help all our customers with any technical issues at any time but if we feature your query in a future edition of MTN as part of our new Technical Answers series, you get the pen! Email your suggestions to and you may end up seeing your issue covered, not only in the next issue of MTN but possibly in the engineering press too! And you get our amazing pen. How cool is that?

* Until our stock of these awesome pens runs out!

Do you have a query or an application you want to discuss?